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Industrial/Commercial Fireproofing Services

Our highly skilled team of professionals clearly understand that completing our projects Safely, on-time and on budget while delivering a best-in-class product and service to our customers is essential to our success and our client's success in the Safe and successful completion of all projects executed by our teams.

Our industry leading staff is able to service all of your maintenance or major project fireproofing needs for Industrial and Commercial applications such as:

  • Cementitious Fireproofing:

    • All Pyrocrete Products Lines​

    • All AD Fire Product Lines

    • Geoploymer Product Lines

    • Interkote Product Lines

    • All Cafco Product Lines

  • Intumescent Fireproofing:

    • All Carboline Systems​

    • All International Chartek Systems

    • All Hiliti Fire Finish Systems

  • Concrete Fireproofing:

    • Normal Conrete Fireproofing​

    • Shotcrete Fireproofing 

    • Geopolymer Acid Resistance Concrete A240

FFPS has the ability to handle large Shop, Module Yard and Site projects for all product types listed above.

In addition, FFPS also offers value-added services such as Fire Engineering, latest product technology, asset management systems and cost savings initiatives in effort to ensure all of our projects are being completed to the highest standard of Safely, Quality and Cost.

Contact us today at 780-955-7808 or for more information on our services of for an estimate.

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